Bernadette is a native Newburgh resident with a lifetime background in new construction, general contracting and real estate. Her father had a long career as a home builder, giving Bernadette a really unique perspective. She grew up on construction sites and in new subdivisions, literally learning the housing industry from the ground up. This background truly makes me different than other REALTORS. Prior to her dad's retirement, she designed and built her own home. "I feel this technical knowledge on land, construction and contracting has helped me to earn a greater respect in the real estate industry. This background helps me to sell real estate, not show rooms." "It also helps me to overcome objections and problems that arise during the normal course of real estate transaction progression from listing and showing through  to negotiating and closing of sale."

          With technology Bernadette is able to keep in touch with her clients from her office in Newburgh, her home office in Montgomery New York and from her winter home in South West Florida just 2 miles from Sanibel Island at Kelly Greens in Ft. Myers. Your NORTH to SOUTH connection or your PERSONAL REALTOR to assist in your second home purchase.



  Hard at work, Bernadette strives to make her space a positive

 & comfortable experience for ALL!